About this Website

This website is specifically devoted to Biblical Studies and the propagation of the Gospel   It is the intention to reprint a selection of articles written by some of the well known and great men who have since been called into the presence of the Lord.  Their names may well be unknown to some younger brethren and sisters, but they were brethren of great ability whose teaching is relevant today.  If I have infringed any copyright, perhaps the owners will get in touch and they will be removed.

Some of the articles are quite long with several chapters, but they are well worth reading.  In parcticular the article by the late E W Rogers on Divine Sovereignty and Human Responsibility, which has been of recent concern among local believers, will be found most helpful.  

Let us Remember these were 'princes and great men' who served for many years in the Assemblies of the Lord

I hope to add further articles in the future and it may be that I will remove some so as not to make the site too cumbersome.  I will also take the liberty of posting some thoughts of my own as well as other brethren as seems appropriate.

Just a bit about the structure of the site: some of the pages are individual in their own right; but others are collections with different chapters.  If you hover over the menu bar, for example, ‘Our Heritage’ the sub chapters will be shown.  You can navigate from there.

As there is quite a lot of recorded ministry on other sites, it is not my intention of reproducing these on here.  There will be some exceptions, but you will find links to some exellent ministry if you click the ‘Links’ button on the menu

I trust that the Lord will bless this small effort in propagating the Gospel of Christ, and the Expounding of God’s Word


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