Who am I ?

I became a Christian in 1958 whilst serving onboard HMS Ark Royal, and Christian things have been my pre-occupation ever since.  Then I understood for the first time that the Bible was truly the Word of God, that Christ was the Son of God sent from heaven, and that apart from Him there could be no salvation from our sins.

I was baptised shortly afterwards in Wolseley Road Gospel Hall, Plymouth, and since that day I have continued in fellowship with assemblies of Christians who own Christ as Lord, and seek to gather according to the principles of the New Testament.  I continue to enjoy bible study and engage in bible teaching and Gospel preaching from time to time in Christian assemblies as the Lord helps.

If you would like to read a fuller testimony as to how and why I became a Christian, and concerning the circumstances of my life prior to and leading up to my conversion please click the Warsash Gospel Hall link below and navigate to the Witnessing for Christ link.

Since I became a Christian I have been associated with assemblies of Christians who meet in a very simple manner endeavouring, despite our recognised weaknesses and failures, to conduct our gatherings in accordance with New Testament Church principles.  Assemblies such as these own no authority but the bible which we consider to be the inspired Word of God and believe that each assembly is responsible to Christ alone.

At present I am a member of the assembly that meets in The Gospel Hall, Warsash, Southampton.  To find out more click the link www.warsashgospelhall.org.uk

In the course of my Christian life I have been associated with the following Christian Assemblies:

Malta (as an observer before I became a Christian)


Wolseley Road Gospel Hall, Plymouth

Copnor Gospel Hall, Portsmouth

Paulsgrove Gospel Hall, Portsmouth

Albert Hall, Glasgow (briefly)

Plantation Street Gospel Hall, Glasgow (Now Harley Street)

Mill Road Gospel Hall, Waterlooville, Hampshire

The Mission Hall, Lingfield, Surrey

The Gospel Hall, Darlington

The Gospel Hall, Liphook, Hampshire

Sirdar Hall, Southampton

Warsash Gospel Hall, Warsash, Southampton


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